Friday, January 22

A photo of something you ate today

Even though the title is today, but i want to post about what I ate yesterday Hee. 
Yesterday I had a sushi-date with someone special. Which is my MOM!! so a night before we were watching tv. The channel that we were watching is a variety show and they were eating sushi. My mom and I were like "alaa sedapnya sushi.. Nakkk". Suddenly my mom said "kakak, jom esok makan sushi!!"
So yesterday we went to AEON to buy sushi there *sushi king is not in our budget*. Before buying sushi, we stopped at waffle store *called daily fresh* to buy some waffle *also for my craving satisfaction*. At AEON, we choose the sushi by ourselves instead buying the sushi-set because there were few sushi that we don't like to eat such as raw salmon sushi, sweet egg sushi *don't know the names*. After bought sushi and iced tea water, we had our sushi date at foodcourt. It was fun. Out of nowhere, we had a chat about mom's datings' experience and mostly we laugh about anything we talked about :) 
Yesterday was a best of mom and daughter moments. 
P/s: maybe we can have our sushi date again with Adek  <3

sushi and iced tea 

my date 

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