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it has been so long that i leave the routine to write my blog in english. but now i have to write it in english every Sunday because as preparation for my MUET.What is MUET??MUET is stand for Malaysian University English student must have this MUET certificate so that we can grad for degree level. I had registered MUET and i am taking this test at Sekolah Menengah Paduka Raja Tanah Merah if i am not mistaken.

I'm taking this test around i have to start writing, speaking in English oftently to enhance my vocab, speaking fluently :)

I don't know much about this MUET but it basically have 4  components which is listening (45 scores), speaking (45 scores), reading (120 scores) and lastly writing which is the hardest for me (90 scores). so total score of this test is 300...

the grading of this test is divided into 6 band which is:

Band 6- Very good user (Aggregated score:260-300) Very good command of the language. Highly expressive, fluent, accurate and appropriate language: hardly any inaccuracies. Very good understanding of language and contexts. Functions extremely well in the language.

Band 5- Good user (Aggregated score:220-259) Good command of the language. Expressive, fluent, accurate and appropriate language but with minor inaccuracies. Good understanding of language and contexts. Functions well in the language.

Band 4- Competent user (Aggregated score:180-219) Satisfactory command of the language. Satisfactory expressive and fluent,appropriate language but with occasional inaccuracies. Satisfactory understanding of language and contexts. Functions satisfactorily in the language.

Band 3- Modest user (Aggregated score:140-179) Modest command of the language. Modestly expressive and fluent,appropriate language but with noticeable inaccuracies. Modest understanding of language and contexts. Able to function modestly in the language.

Band 2- Limited user (Aggregated score:101-139) Limited command of the language. Lacks expressiveness, fluency and appropriacy: inaccurate use of the language resulting in breakdown in communication. Limited understanding of language and contexts. Limited ability to function in the language.

Band 1- Extremely limited user (Below 100) Poor command of the language. Unable to use language to express ideas: inaccurate use of the language resulting in frequent breakdowns in communication. Little or poor understanding of language and contexts. Hardly able to function in the language.

so i have to struggle at least to get band 4 for this test. so i need supports from all of you to help me by speak in english with me and correct my grammar if i'm wrong. t

p/s: no pain no gain :)


  1. Congrats! for taking right step in enhancing your English proficiency level i.e. (is to say) by composing and publishing your blog post in English.

    For your self development in this field, you can copy the entire content of your blog post and paste it into Word file for spelling and grammar checking. In the word file, if you found green underline to a sentence, it means grammar correction needed. For red underline, spelling correction needed.

    I've helped many Form 4 students by suggesting them to participate in the English forum which is an American-based forum, mylot. Not only for their English proficiency improvement, but also they can earn "little" money (0.01USD/post) from their participation. Payment will be made via PayPal and the minimum payout is $10USD once reached.

    You can do connect with Hanan Khazani, who is now living in Kok Lanas, Ketereh for not only to know about what is mylot, but also she could be your English speaking 'sparing partner'. She has had attended an interview on May 2, 2012; at the MARA HQ offered by MARA to pursue her study in Australia for Electronics Engineering course.

    I'll (not would) let her know about your blog and you can interact with her for furtherance.

    Thank you!.

    1. thank you very much for your support!!!~~I really need it..insyaAllah i will try to paste my content in word..thanks for the tips.

      English forum???may I know the website address so that I can partipate in the forum too?

      and how do i contact Hanan Khazani???
      I really want to get to know her..
      and I can enhance my english pronounciation..
      thanks a lot :)


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